Creating sweet added value


Clean label, Ultra naturel  

Our sugars are noble ingredients from an allergen-free and GMO-free fruit sector. Our technology is compatible with labels “no additive - no preservative”.


User-friendly ingredient list: make it shorter

When you use several sugars in your recipe (sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose, fructose etc.), your ingredient list becomes complex. The FructiSweet Original® range allows the replacement of the four ingredients by a unique note “sugars extracted from fruits” to make your ingredient list clearer and more reassuring to the consumer, thus improving your brand image.


Positive communication

Increase the percentage of ingredients from fruits to benefit from the fruit content image (more fruits, lower in sugars; x% of ingredients from fruits, 100% from fruits, etc.)


Low carb, reduced calorie intake

Fully exploit the high Sweetness Intensity of the FructiLight® and FructiSweet® ranges to reduce the sugar content and the calorie intake of your end products without compromising their sweet taste.


Regulation of glycaemia and insulinaemia

Exploit the benefits of the Glycaemia Index (GI) of our fruit sweeteners in different categories of products:
Weight control and management:
With a very low GI, the FructiLight® range is intended for an increased satiety effect and a limitation of food cravings and fat storage.
Energy control:
The FructiLight® and FructiSweet® ranges are devised for a very low energy release and are ideal for endurance efforts and to prevent low-sugar slump. FructiSweet® and FructiSweet Original® are suited for use in various kinds of prolonged efforts and during recovery phases.


Optimisation of the texture and stability of the sweet taste 

Whenever sucrose is a key factor in texture, the FructiSweet Original® range, with its texturising properties, is the most suitable. Conversely, the FructiLight® and FructiSweet® sucrose-free ranges will allow you to obtain smooth textures and prevent hydrolysis activities in the end product, thus improving stability.


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