The fruit origin, your natural guarantee

Natural origin, Brand image and Nutritional balance

Naturalness is a major axis of positive communication to reassure and appeal consumers.

UK dry biscuits

The FructiSweet Original® range is particularly suitable for dry biscuits.

As for cakes, the FructiSweet® range allows the enhancement and preservation of a smooth texture by decreasing the Aw of the end product.

UK breakfast

It is possible to increase satiety, reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia and food cravings while decreasing the sugar content with the FructiLight® range.

FructiLight® is a fruit sweetener of unique qualities, with a glycaemic index of 9 and a gradual release of energy (+ 30 min compared with fructose and + 60 min compared with glucose) associated with a high sweetness intensity.

UK weight loss

The sweetening power of our solutions enables the obtention of low-sugar food with reduced calorie intake without compromising the sweet taste and thus, preventing frustrating feelings.

Our natural sugars are very slowly assimilated and do not entail sudden increase in glycaemia and therefore in insulinaemia which contributes to fat storage. They strengthen the satiety feeling and thus enable to prevent food cravings.

In vivo response of insulinaemia

Results from INSERM studies.

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