Three Sites in the Heart of Fruit-growing regions

Nutritis spreads its activities between two units situated in the heart of the fruit-growing regions of southern France and one site in La Mancha in Spain, first grape production area in the world.



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Fruits as a source of sugars

From fruit to products

From upstream to downstream, from fruit to finished product, Nutritis adheres to principles of efficiency and proximity which on an everyday basis combine the notions of a short supply circuit, local processing plants and a quality approach.

With optimised flow management from supply areas to the dispatch of products, ultramodern production facilities, excellent synergy between in-house expertise and the resources of the Grap’Sud Group, several processing sites that ensure close proximity between the source of raw materials, infrastructures and key skills, Nutritis deploys an ad hoc industrial organisation which is in line with its strategic positioning: to propose innovative and natural products obtained from local sources and designed under the logic of a sustainable economy.


Quality & Sustainable Development: the Nutritis Commitment

Committed to values of innovation, naturalness and security, and through its proactive vision of sustainable development, Nutritis has chosen to implement a deliberate quality approach and to demonstrate that respect for the environment and for others can indeed go hand in hand with innovation and success.

A naturally demanding quality approach

As a responsible partner, Nutritis has chosen to comply with the most stringent standards with respect to physicochemical and plant health criteria and generic quality norms.
Nutritis products are not concerned by the GM issue.  Its products have the most stringent purity thresholds in the market, and comply with the most restrictive current food quality standards.
Nutritis has set up a quality management programme using processes aimed at improving the efficiency of its production systems and supplying optimised responses and services to its customers.  An integrated QHSE (Quality-Hygiene-Security-Environment) approach concerns all teams working for the company.
In line with demand and with the company's positioning, Nutritis deploys its product ranges under dedicated labels: all the range is available under an organic label. And the FructiSweet Original® and the FructiSweet® ranges can be under Kosher certification.

Naturally sustainable development

As a core company value, sustainable development at Nutritis is reflected not only by its innovative concept and strategic positioning but also through the implementation of its projects and industrial operations.
This Nutritis approach, which is exemplary in the agri-food industry, is based on three pillars:
Sustainable economy

Nutritis targets integration in a sustainable economy through the development of long-term sectors in which added value is distributed on an equitable basis.
By recycling downgraded fruits rather than discarding them, using gentle processes without harmful solvents and deploying an industrial strategy that prefers short supply chains from local growers, Nutritis demonstrates its concern for its environmental impact and the preservation of natural resources.
Nutritis is committed to gender equality and continuing training, and has introduced a GPEC policy (Planned Management of Employment and Skills). In addition, Nutritis implements awareness and prevention programmes to ensure the health and safety of all its employees.
Closely involved in the local community, Nutritis participates in actions that target both the general public (Fête de la Science, education programmes for children etc.) and regional economic actors.

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