Sugars that create added value

Naturalness and technological excellence

Nutritis creates and markets natural sugars extracted directly from fruits that are adapted to the specific needs of the agri-food industry and can be used in a wide variety of ways as ingredients in either existing recipes or new products.

Transparent, colourless, odourless and stable sugars

Thanks to its patented process, Nutritis develops sugars with guaranteed purity that are entirely transparent, colourless, odourless and have no after-taste. Nutritis sugars also benefit from excellent texturing properties and stability, and optimum storage characteristics. Because the risks of undesirable interactions are minimised, these sugars can be used in any type of matrix, and particularly the most complex and subtle.


Secure supply

Despite the seasonal variability of its raw materials, Nutritis can promise its customers to supply standardised products with consistent characteristics at any time of the year, thus ensuring the permanence of industrial processes and stable prices and the ongoing formulation of recipes for finished products.

Nutritis pommes 150

Naturalness, nutrition and clean label

Nutritis supplies differentiating ingredients so that our customers can develop differentiating products: by associating naturalness and nutritional benefits, our 100% fruit sugars can create this winning combination.

From ultra-natural to clean label

By simplifying the list of ingredients and valorising natural ingredients from allergen-free and GM-free fruit growers, Nutritis sugars transmit a positive and reassuring image to consumers.  Using Nutritis sugars means that labels can include the words "natural fruit sugars" (depending on the regulations prevailing in each country), "100% fruit origin" or "no additives/no preservatives", thus exemplifying the "clean label" trend based on respect for a certain ethical position – "e-free" – and responding to consumer demands for healthier and more natural foods.

Validated nutritional benefits

Containing high levels of native fructose (a natural compound extracted directly from fruit), FructiLight® from Nutritis has the lowest Glycemic Index on the market (GI = 11.9), so that the calorie intake can be reduced while maintaining a sweet taste.  Ensuring a positive impact on the regulation of blood sugar levels and insulin secretion and the slow diffusion of energy throughout the body, Nutritis sugars are perfectly suited to a strategy to prevent cardiovascular diseases and problems of obesity and overweight.


A range of Sugars 100% Extracted from Fruits


Nutritis logo fructilight 150 The lowest Glycemic Index of the market
Nutritis logo fructisweet 150 The "Fructose-Glucose" solution by Nutritis
Nutritis logo fructisweet original 150

The original fruit sugars "Sucrose-Fructose-Glucose" by Nutritis

The 100% from ONE Fruit (Grape, Apple, Date...)

Nutritis logo ExGrapeSUGAR 150

Organic range "100% grape sugar"
logo BIO BIO version available for all the products
logo KR KOCHER version available on demand
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